High-Density Pedestrian Concrete Maintenance

Property owners are responsible for constructing, improving, replacing or enlarging sidewalks, driveways, alleys, sanitary or stormwater facilities, and curbs and gutters in the public easement or right of way adjacent to their property.

The Code of Virginia, Article 2 (§15.2-5158 et. seq.), Chapter 24, gives the County the authority to impose upon abutting property owners these costs and states that they may be imposed on the land owner upon a two-thirds vote of the County Board.

Which Zoning Categories Apply?

The High-Density Pedestrian Concrete Maintenance Program area is defined as parcels of real estate lying within the following zoning districts: RA7-16, RA6-15, RA4.8, R-C, RA-H, RA-H-3.2, C-1-R, C-1, C-1-O, C-O-1.0, C-O-1.5, C-O-2.5, C-O, C-O-A, C-O-Rosslyn, C-2, C-TH, C-3, C-R, CM, M-1, M-2; and the street right of way and other public property abutting these parcels of real estate. Higher-density uses are associated with higher pedestrian trip generation and require more frequent repairs of public improvements for the protection of public safety. The County Board removed three “low-medium” zoning categories (R15-30T, RA14-26 and RA8-18) from the program. Owners in these zoning districts aren’t considered part of the program.

On the General Land Use Plan, these zoning districts correspond to the residential medium, residential high-medium, residential high, commercial, industrial, office, apartment, hotel and mixed-use land use categories.

How Is the Program Implemented?

We’ll conduct field surveys following the receipt of a complaint to determine the condition of sidewalks, driveways, alleys, curbs, gutters, and sanitary or stormwater facilities in the public easement or right of way adjacent to property designated as high-density maintenance zones

The property owner may have the work done promptly by a contractor of his or her choice under a public right-of-way permit. The work must comply with construction standards and specifications.

In addition, properties developed under Special Exception - Site Plan or Use Permit may be required to maintain sidewalks as a condition of their approval. Compliance with Site Plan conditions is the responsibility of the County’s Zoning Enforcement. Department of Environmental Services (DES) staff will make referrals to our Zoning Division when appropriate to resolve issues with sidewalks that are the responsibility of a property subject to such conditions. 


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