RPP Permit Replacement Request/Adjustment Request

Residents may receive replacement permits at no charge in the following situations:

  • The permit or vehicle is stolen (a police report must be submitted).
  • The vehicle permit is damaged (documentation/proof must be submitted).
  • Customers do not receive their permit(s) and report that they have not received their permit(s) within 60 days of placing their order (as verified by RPP program staff). If reported after 60 days, the resident is required to pay a replacement fee.

To receive a replacement, you’ll have to fill out a police report and present the proper information to the County. For more information, call 703-228-3344.

View the Permit & Pass Replacement Policy in the Quick Links.

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If you have questions, contact:

Arlington County Parking Section
2100 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 900
Arlington, VA 22201