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What is a Parklet?

Parklets are publicly accessible seating areas that serve as extensions of the sidewalk by converting curbside parking spaces into vibrant public spaces. Parklets  are social platforms for the community and are often developed through a partnership between local government, local businesses, and neighborhood organizations.

Despite their size and atypical location, parklets can contribute to the public space network and overall sidewalk experience by providing places to sit, relax or socialize.  Parklets must be open for use by all members of the public and cannot be reserved for the exclusive use of individual businesses.

Rosslyn Parklet

Rosslyn is home to the first parklet in Arlington County. It opened in May 2018. Parklets typically take over existing, under-utilized parking spaces and provide an extension of the sidewalk. They usually offer additional seating areas with greenery that softens the streetscape.

Rosslyn’s parklet is located at the corner of Oak Street and Wilson Boulevard, a space maintained by the Rosslyn Business Improvement District (BID). The space is open to the public.

Submission Materials

Design Guidelines(PDF, 1MB) (August 2023) | Sign Specifications(PDF, 42KB) | Permit Application | Parklet Petition Form(PDF, 55KB)

Interactive Parklet Map

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a parklet?

Parklets are publicly accessible to all and serve as extensions of the sidewalk by converting curbside parking spaces into pedestrian friendly public spaces. Parklets are placemaking opportunities for the community and are often developed through a partnership with the County, local businesses, and neighborhood organizations. 

Who can apply for a parklet?

Any individual, entity, organization, or business establishment – the Applicant – may submit a parklet application.

How do I apply for a parklet?

 Complete the parklet application online

How long does it take for a parklet to be approved?

Parklet application review periods will vary. The review period for the initial parklet application submission may take 1 – 2 months. If there are revisions to the application and parklet plans, the review process may take longer. 

Can I install a parklet in front of my house?

No. Parklets are not be installed in residential areas zoned R-20, R-10, R-6, R-5, R-2.7. 

How much does a parklet cost?

To apply for a parklet, the initial parklet application fee is $2,299.  The annual renewal fee is $547.  Costs associated with the parklet design, installation, and ongoing maintenance will vary.

Where are parklets located in the County?

See the Parklet Map

Are parklets ADA compliant?

Yes. Parklets must comply with the American Disabilities Act.

Can I request a parklet somewhere other than a parking space?

No. Parklets are only allowed in existing non-residential parking spaces.

Can it be enclosed or partially enclosed – even if its temporary or a windbreak or shade on one side?

No partially enclosed or enclosed or freestanding structures above 3.5’ may be installed in the parklet including but not limited to umbrellas, vertical panels, banners, etc. 

Can it have a roof? If so, are there limitations?

Since enclosures are not allowed in parklets, roofs may not be installed in parklets as well.

Can it have freestanding heaters?

No free-standing heaters, generators, open flames nor any potentially hazardous power sources may be installed within parklets.

Can I install lighting in my parklet?

Installing parklets near streetlighting is encouraged. However, installing additional lighting sources will need to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Are pets allowed in parklets?

Pets are allowed in parklets but must be leashed and under the control of the responsible individual accompanying the animal(s) at all times. The conduct of animals in or on regulated open space must be controlled to preserve the health and safety of the public. The running of dogs and other pets at large is forbidden.

How do I call to report a problem with a parklet?

Report a parklet issue online or call 703-228-5000.



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