PARK(ing) Day

PARK(ing) Day is a community collaboration to temporarily transform drab parking spaces into small parks to elicit reconsideration of the term "public space." The event started in San Francisco in 2005, evolving into annual PARK(ing) Day(PDF, 1MB) around the world on the third Friday of September. 

Parking Day Guidelines Logo

How to Apply

The 2024 PARK(ing) Day will take place on Sept. 20. (Application Deadline: Aug. 31.)  

The following step-by-step guide refers to information in our PARK(ing) Day Guidelines and Forms(PDF, 1MB).

  1. Identify your parking space site for your PARK(ing) Day design and adhere to our PARK(ing) Day Site Criteria.
  2. Apply for your PARK(ing) Day Permit
  3. After your permit application has been approved, you will receive a payment invoice per email from Please review section “PERMIT FEE PAYMENT” in the PARK(ing) Day Guidelines and Forms pdf for payment details.

  4. Implement your design and have fun at the PARK(ing) Day event!


To apply for a PARK(ing) Day permit, the following fees (subject to change based on the most recent DES fee schedule) are due after the site review and initial approval:

  • PARK(ing) Day Permit: $37.62 per permit.
  • Barrels: $27 (minimum site design)

5 barrels per minimum site design, costing $5.54 each (one extra barrel required per each additional consecutive space).

The Arlington Division of Transportation will sponsor the barrel fee for the first five applications from private residents (one site per application). 

*Disclaimer: Fees above are for FY 2024 and are there for reference, to be updated for FY 2025, which starts July 1, 2024.

2023 PARK(ing) Day

2023 PARK(ing) Day in Arlington was held on Friday, Sept. 15.