Live Traffic Cameras

Arlington County manages 200-plus traffic cameras located at critical intersections throughout the County. These cameras allow the Transportation Engineering & Operations bureau to monitor the roadways and provide orderly movement of traffic. Emergency services also make use of the network.

Using the map

Each blue icon represents a camera above that Arlington location. (FAQ below map.)

  • Click on any of the blue camera icons to view the live traffic camera feed from that area.
  • Only one camera can be viewed at a time.
  • Once clicked, cameras will show a live feed for one minute. You can refresh the camera to continue viewing that feed.
  • Camera feeds may be unavailable at times due to maintenance. 
  • Please reference the map legend.


Map Legend

map legend


What is the purpose of live traffic camera feeds?

Arlington County maintains these camera feeds for real-time monitoring of traffic operations and incident management. 

Are these cameras monitored 24/7 by Arlington Transportation staff or Police/Fire?

The camera network is not monitored 24/7 by any Arlington County department but Transportation Engineering & Operations Bureau staff as well as emergency services agencies can manage cameras at any time. 

How can I access the map?

The map is accessible via all major desktop browsers and some mobile devices.

Why can I only view one camera at a time?

Viewing more than one camera at a time may stall the system, making it slower to use. Restricting viewers to one camera at a time ensures cameras are available to all and easy to use.

Why can I only view a camera for a one minute period of time?

Viewing the cameras uses bandwidth on the County website. To ensure that everyone will have quick access to the cameras, we put a restraint on the amount of time they can be viewed as to not slow down the experience for others.

Is the feed for each camera recorded?

No. These feeds are not continually monitored and the images shown are never recorded.

What should I do if I see a crime being committed on the cameras?

For emergencies, please dial 9-1-1 and provide details. For non-emergencies, call 703-558-2222. These cameras are not intended to be used as crime prevention or reporting tools.

Where is the information about traffic conditions coming from?

The cameras are shown on top of Google’s real-time traffic conditions map.

Why are the names on the camera shortened and different?

By scrolling over the name of the camera on the map, you will see the full name. But once you click it, the camera feed may show a shortened or abbreviated street name due to character constraint on the names.

How can I see other traffic cameras from around the region?

Camera feeds are available to view VDOT maintained roads.

I’m trying to access the map via a computer that has blocked it. What do I do?

If you’re viewing this page on a work or business device, your corporate security policy may have blocked the map or the camera feed. Try accessing it on a personal laptop or mobile device.

What is the difference between these cameras and red light cameras?

These traffic cameras are installed for monitoring real time traffic and maintained by the Department of Environmental Services' Transportation Engineering & Operations Bureau. Red light cameras are installed for red light violations and maintained by Arlington County Police Department (ACPD).

Can I move the cameras so they’re viewing a different part of the intersection?

Users do not have the ability to move the cameras. The Transportation Engineering & Operations Bureau of the Department of Environmental Services is responsible for the placement and regular views of each camera, while emergency services staff have the ability to manipulate angles during an incident using the following guidelines:

"Arlington County upholds its values of transparency with public safety information beyond camera footage, including daily crime reports, press releases, emergency alerts, and EMS/fire event summaries.  

Camera access furthers our transparency but must be balanced with community privacy concerns. Cameras are diverted to protect:  

  • Health information: This includes identifiers related to a potential patient, like their face, demographics, and health condition. This is all protected information until the person is determined to no longer be a patient, which occurs after they sign a refusal to be assessed or transported.  

  • Law enforcement tactics and officer identity: The County protects the identities of law enforcement personnel who serve in plain clothes or undercover roles. Cameras may also be diverted during an active incident, such as an Emergency Response Team (ERT) response, to safeguard tactical information and ensure the safety of all present.  

  • Victim and witness privacy: Victim and witness privacy protection is always central, but especially if there are juveniles present – something responders wouldn’t know for sure until arriving at a scene. The County also seeks to protect victim and family privacy and dignity by diverting footage in a medical incident, especially when next of kin must be notified of a significant event."

I see that a camera is not available. Why?

A camera may be unavailable due to regular maintenance, equipment, nearby construction, communication issues or during special events. The amount of time a camera is unavailable depends on the issue.

How can I report issues with Arlington traffic lights and streets?

Visit our website or download the My Arlington app to report a problem or make a request.