Northern Virginia Regional College Fair

cap24.png Wednesday, April 10, 2024 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. @George Mason University – Fairfax Campus – Eagle Bank Arena; a StriveScan Fair. Students should pre-register for a barcode: https://app.strivescan.com/registration. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Free parking in Parking Lots A and L, across from EagleBank Arena (Campus Map). Questions? Contact the Mason Admissions Events Team directly at admevent@gmu.edu



13-17 year olds get a membership for $10 one-time fee! This will be valid through your 18th birthday. Visit Parks-Recreation/Programs/Programs-for-Teens/Fitness/Teen-Fitness-Membership to attend an Orientation Training session and receive a membership ca : Tuesday, March 05, 2024 | 04:15 PM to 05:15 PM. Includes access to all community center fitness facilities.Teen Fitness Memberships do not include access to Long Bridge Aquatics & Fitness Center.

Crisis Intervention Center Facility

Crisis Intervention CenterDHS hosted an event showcasing a new facility and new format for the Crisis Intervention Center (CIC) in Sequoia 3 at 2120 Washington Blvd. The CIC provides behavioral healthcare services in a community-based setting to individuals experiencing a psychiatric crisis. The center is open 24 hours per day, seven days a week, to individuals of all ages experiencing a crisis. The CIC provides a warm, comfortable person-centered environment focused on recovery and wellness. Learn more about  CIC here!

APS News

Six APS seniors earned four-year, full ride scholarships to attend college. Posse Scholarships: Four seniors were selected to receive a four-year, full-tuition scholarship from The Posse Foundation to attend a partner institution...Apsva.us/post/six-seniors-earn-four-year-full-ride-college-scholarships/

Leadership Arlington's MLK, Jr Day of Service

Mon., Jan 15, 2024

A Day ON not a day off

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Arlington Employment Center offers help to find work, including how to get a Work Permit

Check out Arlington County Parks & Recreation

For more information, fee reductions, modifications for accessibility, registration help and employment opportunities, visit Parks page


School Support Line – no-cost, confidential service for students and families! Mental health professionals know how to listen, ask the right questions, and offer advice. And it’s available 24/7/365 for you or for members of your family; you do NOT have to be a Cigna member to use the support line! Arabic | Mongolian | English | Amharic | Espanol

Youth mental health
Need help? CALL 833.632.4462! / 833-MeCigna

We’re here for you!
A presentation on SAFEZONE about Gender Spectrums and Sexuality. Learn more.
See APCYF Family Support, Support Groups, APS Educational Programs for more help! Hazel Health
is now open to APS students.

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Learn more about the Teen Network Board (TNB): Newsletter: TNB participated in the MLK Day of Service, and other events. Read about it(PDF, 5MB) .

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ArlingtonTNBArlington’s Project PEACE have participated in Consent Summits hosted by SafeBAE. More resources: Intimate Partner/Domestic and Sexual Violence Resources: You Are Not Alone Facebook and Twitter @ArlProjectPEACE



Mental Health and Substance Use a. Children’s Behavioral Health Bureau (link) b. Learn about Opioid Crisis in Arlington and Get Involved i. AARI (link) c. Public Assistance Programs (link) or Medicaid Application (link) d. External Resources – Private Practices, practices that accept Medicaid. 2. Recreation for Teens a. Structured rec programs and activities (kids stay somewhere for X hours) b. Drop-In programs c. Etc. 3. Arlington Families (link needs some TLC but has a lot of the resources I list in the teen buckets) 4. Committees? I’m not good at the parental POV. Teen Subject Buckets (I have a suggestion – why not just a teen portal with a parent’s corner?) 1. Third Spaces – Socialize for Funsies a. Rec Centers (link) b. Skate Park (link) c. Libraries (link) d. Free, Drop-In Programs e. Hikes/Bikes/Get Likes: Things that have some social payback to visit together on a walk or bike ride. 2. Skill-maxxing a. Internship Opportunities (within AC – clean up whatever is going on when you start a search for Internship on our site) b. College-Prep (tap APS?) c. Study groups (tap APS?) d. Career Center (APS) e. Volunteer opportunities (AC related or Volunteer Arlington) f. Teen Network Board (link) g. ESL English Practice (Any resources or partner out there? EduFuturo?) h. DMV and Driver’s Licenses i. Other Drop-In Types of opportunities in multiple languages ideally 3. Jobs a. Job Permits b. Worker’s Rights – Work Safely Resources c. Career Exploration (AHC has a really good model for their afterschool program) d. Arlington Employment Center - Teen Job Fair (link) 4. Wellbeing Resources a. Teen Health Clinics (link) b. Therapy i. How to access mental health c. Healthy Eating (4-H, My Plate, or master gardeners?) d. LGBTQIA+ Resources (link) e. Free yoga and other relaxing phys.ed activities f. Project PEACE (link) g. Crisis Resources (link) 5. Teen Highlight a. Periodic section to highlight what Arlington Teens (and let them have some visible fun) are up to via openforms or thru APS? I don’t want to own this, but I’m letting this proverbial baby bird fly outta the nest. Ex.: i. Silvia’s Favorite Lasagna Recipe • 1 box of lasagna noodles • 3 cups of ground beef • 18 tablespoons of vanilla extract… ii. Yussef’s Reflections on Freshman Year iii. Marie’s Top 5 Places to Record Dance TikToks iv. Meheret launches her Etsy store 6. Parent’s Corner a. Mental Health and Substance Use i. Children’s Behavioral Health Bureau (link) b. Learn about Opioid Crisis in Arlington and Get Involved i. AARI (link) c. Public Assistance Programs (link) or Medicaid Application (link) d. Rec Programs e. External Resources – Private Practices, practices that accept Medicaid. 7. Teen Events a. Create content label to funnel teen events to this page. Web Formatting (bonus and sorta unrela