Taxpayer Assistance Program (TAP)

Are you trying but struggling to pay your real estate or vehicle personal property taxes on time?  This program may be able to help you.  Most importantly,  please reach out to the Treasurer's Office before your taxes are late.  

How It Works

This program is designed to help you pay your taxes but avoid incurring late payment penalties and to establish a repayment program.

The Arlington County Treasurer's Office partners with John Marshall Bank who may offer you a short-term loan that requires no credit check to help you pay your taxes.  You pay the bank a non-refundable fee of 7.5% of the amount outstanding, less than the late payment penalties that would otherwise be imposed by law, and then the bank pays the Treasurer's Office the entire amount of tax due.  In turn, you repay the bank over either the next 6 months in the case of vehicle taxes or one real estate tax installment or 10 months for applications completed prior to June 15 for both June and October real estate installments.  As long as you make all monthly repayments on time, there are no additional penalties, interest or fees.

To qualify, an application must be completed and reviewed by the Treasurer's Office for submission to John Marshall Bank.  Any previous delinquent taxes or charges owed to the County must be paid in full prior to or included with your loan application.