EasyPark simplifies parking in Arlington!

EasyPark is an in-vehicle electronic parking meter available to everyone who parks in Arlington. Pay-by-the-minute parking allows you to pay only for the time you use. The EasyPark device automatically stops charging once meter hours end and provides concise records for business-related expenses. The EasyPark device is programmed for parking rates and meter hours in Arlington; device owners must update the device to keep the software up to date with current rates and meter hours.

If you purchased your EasyPark device before July 1, 2018, your device must be updated on or after July 1, 2018 to be compliant with new parking rates and meter hours.


Here’s how EasyPark works at metered Arlington spaces:

  • Park your car at a metered space and turn on your EasyPark.
  • Select the type of meter and hang your EasyPark inside your vehicle on your driver’s side window.
  • Place your special EasyPark placard (provided) on your dashboard.
  • Go on your way!
  • Return to your car, turn your EasyPark off and pay only for the time you were parked.

Your EasyPark will beep once per minute while it’s on, reminding you to turn it off.

You can purchase and reload your EasyPark online at https://easyparkusa.com. The website offers live chat assistance, and a help line for telephone support. You can also purchase and reload your EasyPark at the Treasurer’s Office, 2100 Clarendon Blvd., Window 215.

Arlington EasyPark costs $30, which includes $10 for parking time. There is $1.50 Virginia sales tax charged for each EasyPark device, and shipping and handling charges apply for online orders. You can avoid shipping and handling charges by purchasing your EasyPark at the Arlington County Treasurer’s Office. There is a $2 fee each time you reload your EasyPark. There are no membership fees for Arlington EasyPark customers.

Once you’ve tried EasyPark, you will agree that it’s a convenient and affordable way to pay for metered parking in Arlington!  Order your EasyPark today!

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