Customer Advocate

  • Assists Arlington residents in resolving their tax problems with the Commissioner of Revenue by listening to their problem, examining their situation, reviewing their office records and discussing the complaint with them.
  • Recommends departmental changes while promoting and upholding the Commissioner of Revenue’s mission of fair and equitable application of the tax laws.
  • Can help ensure that Arlington residents use reliable service contractors/vendors who comply with the County’s legal requirements:
    • Save Time – The Customer Advocate has direct access to the appropriate state and County records.
    • Find out if a contractor has a County business license or a Virginia state contractors’ license.
    • Learn whether door-to-door vendors have a vendor’s permit from the Arlington County Police Department.

All services that the Commissioner’s Customer Advocate offers are free.

For more information, email the Customer Advocate or call 703-228-4810.

You can also read the Customer Advocate brochure.

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