Brush Pick-Up

People sorting through brush wasteWith a scheduled pick-up, brush is collected on your weekly trash collection day and recycled into wood mulch.

Note: Disposal of large quantities of brush, from the removal of trees or land clearing, is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Schedule a Pick-Up

Schedule a brush pick-up online with your water-sewer-refuse account or call 703-228-5000 Mon.-Fri., 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

Brush collection is limited to 150 appointments per service day. During peak seasons, a request may need to be scheduled for a later date. There are no pick-ups scheduled during Christmas tree collection (first two weeks of January).

How to Prepare for Pick-Up

  • Brush collection can only be done curbside and brush must be loose and unbundled, NOT contained in a bag or collection container.
  • Brush must be 18 inches or less in diameter and 10 feet or less in length.
  • Brush must be set out by 6 a.m. on your collection day, but no earlier than 5 p.m. the day before your collection day.
  • Place your brush directly on the curbside or at the edge of the street, not in the yard.
  • Do not place brush in carts, bags or boxes – it must be exposed and visible as brush to driver. Large amounts should be stacked parallel to the curb.
  • Don’t put brush under low-hanging power lines or tree limbs; there must be an overhead clearance of approximately 25 feet.
  • Don’t place brush by parked cars. The truck needs a minimum 10-foot clearance from cars to avoid possible damage.
  • Don’t stack brush against any fixed objects like poles, posts, fences, walls or buildings.
  • Don’t mix lumber, trash, or yard clippings (e.g. grass, leaves, prunings, etc.) with the brush.
  • Tree stumps can’t be collected as brush.

Missed or Partial Pick-Up

Report missed collections the following business day by 7 p.m. You may report a missed collection online using our missed pick-up form or by calling 703-228-5000.