Learn More: Account Use for Mulch Delivery/Brush Pickup

Residents can obtain leaf mulch (produced from the County’s fall leaf collection) and wood mulch (produced from tree trimmings and removals). mulch piles

Results from third party lab tests of County mulch are available for review.

Please read and agree to the delivery conditions

Get Your Mulch

  1. Pick up free wood and leaf mulch at the Earth Products Yard or 26th Street North and Yorktown Boulevard.
  2. Schedule a mulch delivery through our online order page or send us the mulch order form by fax or mail. A mulch delivery fee will be applied to your next quarterly utility bill.

Free Mulch Pickup

While supplies last, residents can pick up free wood and leaf mulch at the following sites:

Mulch Delivered with Fee

Prices include delivery. Deliveries are made Mon.-Fri. (except holidays), from 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. It’s not necessary to be home at the time of delivery but mulch must be removed from on-street locations within 24 hours. Provide a valid phone number and/or email address so that we may contact you with any questions regarding your mulch delivery request on the day of delivery. Should any issue arise and our staff is unable to contact you, the material will be delivered as requested or returned if there is any obstacle.

Delivered mulch fees will be applied to your next quarterly utility bill. If you don’t have a utility account, call 703-228-5000.

Delivery Location Options

  • Curbside: You must have a minimum of 30 feet of open space away from parked cars and low-hanging wires for mulch delivery. If your delivery location is within a no parking zone, mulch will not be delivered. Any mulch left on the roadway or sidewalk must be removed by the resident within 24 hours. Mulch left longer than 24 hours may be removed by the County with no refund.
  • Driveway: County vehicles can only deliver within 6 feet to 8 feet of the driveway apron.

Order Sizes and Prices

  • Leaf mulch – 2.5 cubic yards: $50
  • Leaf mulch – 5 cubic yards: $75
  • Wood mulch – 2.5 cubic yards: $50
  • Wood mulch – 5 cubic yards: $75

Full Load, 5 Cubic Yards

Mulch truck(JPEG, 150KB) Mulch truck emptying contents(JPEG, 126KB)
Mulch truck driving off after delivery(JPEG, 139KB)

Half Load, 2.5 Cubic Yards

Half Size Mulch on truck(JPEG, 82KB)Half Size Mulch being delivered(JPEG, 75KB)
Half Size Mulch being delivered(JPEG, 88KB)

Order Mulch Online

Choose delivery date from our online calendar and receive immediate confirmation.

An online order form will automatically appear after you accept the terms and conditions.

If you do not have your account number and use the address option to place your online mulch order, a 5-digit PIN code will be required. Follow the steps on the online order page to receive your PIN code. Mulch deliveries are no longer be accepted over the phone. This includes rescheduling requests due to a desired change in delivery date, load amount, material type, etc. Please use the online order form or follow the steps below to send us the form by fax or mail. 

Order Mulch by Fax or Mail

  1. Download a mulch order form or request one be faxed to you by calling 703-228-5000.
  2. Fax the completed form to 703-228-6493 or mail to Solid Waste Bureau, 4300 29th St. S., Arlington, VA 22206.
  3. Upon receipt of your completed form, a customer service representative will contact you to schedule a delivery date.

Cancel or Change an Existing Mulch Request

You can cancel a scheduled mulch delivery or change delivery details such as the delivery date, load amount, or material type online. Select “Cancel” or “Reschedule a Request”.

What's In Our Mulch?

In 2018, the Solid Waste Bureau sent mulch samples to A&L Great Lakes Laboratories, Inc. to test the mulch. The mulch passed, using the test methods for the examination of Composting and Compost established by the U.S. Composting Council. Learn more and view specific results below:

Fill Dirt

  • Fill dirt is no longer available.