Recycling Drop-Off Sites

Available to residents and small businesses owned or operating within the County. 

Official Arlington County Drop-off Sites

For glass jars and bottles/mixed paper/cardboard/plastic containers/metal cans:

Exclusively for glass jars and bottles:

For Household Hazardous Materials/Electronics:

For Inert Materials/Scrap Metal/Food Scraps


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Glass dropped off at Arlington sites is now purchased by a recycler. For home disposal, glass not destined for drop-off should be placed in the black curbside trash carts -- not the blue single-stream carts.

Celebrating, Interpreting Recycling Sustainability at Quincy Park

On Earth Day 2009, Arlington County opened the Quincy Park Recycling Interpretive Center. The park, adjacent to the Quincy recycling drop-off site, pays tribute to the recycling efforts of the community and the goal of closing the loop by recycling and reusing the organics and inert material generated in the County.

Quincy Park Recycling Interpretive Center

Most of the park’s components were processed through the County’s Earth Products Recycling Yard.  The berms are made from processed dirt, the wood and leaf mulch are made from leaves and brush collected throughout the County, the pathways are made from crushed aggregate, the walls are made from reused sidewalk, the benches are made from recycled plastic, and the aluminum and steel of the recycling and trash receptacles are made from recycled metals.  It is our way of demonstrating the County’s commitment to a sustainable future.

This park is a collaboration between the Department of Environmental Services and Department of Parks & Recreation. After ten years of use, the park was ready for a little refresh. Staff from the two departments worked to revitalize the facility for its tenth anniversary.

Reused concrete at Quincy Park


Explore this small-but-unique park and leave with a better understanding of Arlington’s recycling commitment and services.

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