"the still point"

the still point by JJ McCracken
Project Details

Artist: J.J. McCracken
Location: Dark Star Park
Date: June 7-8, 2013

"The still point" was a 24-hour endurance performance which took place in Dark Star Park. Borrowing its title from the text of the first of T.S. Eliot's 4 Quartets, the performance drew on what artist J.J. McCracken learned while studying Nancy Holt's design for Dark Star Park. McCracken interpreted Dark Star Park as an observatory, built to reflect on human perception of both terrestrial and celestial landscapes, the passage of time, and the act of observation itself. Her performance used the park as a platform for cycles of activity that mark the movement of time while highlighting the act of observation.

The project was commissioned by the Rosslyn BID for the SUPERNOVA Performance Art Festival.

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Images and artwork copyright J.J. McCracken 2017, Courtesy of CONNERSMITH