at Table

Photos by Mark Gulezian

Project Details

Artist: Brece Honeycutt
Materials: Wood, slate, paper, turf paint, chalk, audio 
Location: Arlington Arts Center, 3550 Wilson Blvd.
Date: June-July 1999 

This project was created in conjunction with Arts al Fresco, a County-wide summer outdoor arts festival. For ten weeks, students from Washington-Liberty High School worked with artist Brece Honeycutt to research social and domestic history of Virginia in the 1800s. Based on their findings, the artists developed a public artwork for installation on the Arlington Arts Center lawn. An oversized table made of wood and chalkboards was created with historic recipes written on it in chalk. A sound system was installed below the table that played Brece Honeycutt’s voice reading historic Virginia recipes. The artists were inspired by the life of Mary Randolph (1762-1828), author of Virginia House Wife (1824) and the first person buried in Arlington National Cemetery as well as Edna Louis, an African-American Virginian whose recipes also added to the artwork. An outdoor “kitchen” with cast paper cookware, paint, and wood was installed at the building’s entrance.

Student apprentices: Nick Barbee, Molly Cross-Cole, Sophia Kelly, Eliza Smith Langhans, Macon Reed, James Sullivan

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