Yoga Inspired by Sculpture

Project Details

Artist: Lisa Marie Thalhammer
Location: Echo (Penrose Square), Bell (Verizon Plaza), Transparent Tapestry (Ballston)
Date: April-May 2016 

Lisa Marie Thalhammer and WithLoveDC presented a series of free pop-up yoga classes where the postures, intentions, and breath were directly inspired by public art. Through her vinysa flow classes, Lisa Marie celebrated sculpture and brought a renewed awareness of the art that surrounds us every day. Yoga took place at Richard Deutsch's Echo, Kendall Buster's Bell, and Tim Tate's Transparent Tapestry.

Learn more about Lisa Marie Thalhammer.

The project was part of Courthouse 2.0: Reimagining the Civic, a public art initiative aimed at sparking public conversation about the future Courthouse Square by exploring the interaction between civic space and civic life in Arlington in the twenty-first century.