Gourd Palace

Gourd Palace by Doug Retzler
Project Details

Artist: Doug Retzler
Materials: Rebar, bamboo, gourd plants
Location: Arlington Arts Center, 3550 Wilson Blvd.
Date: Summer-Fall 2013

Doug Retzler’s vision for Gourd Palace was to create a living sculpture that illustrates our connection to nature and the important place it has in the lives of children and adults alike, particularly in an urban environment. Through community involvement, Gourd Palace served as a common meeting place for both neighbors and visitors.

The design for Gourd Palace was inspired from a model made by Chloe Fugle of Arlington’s H-B Woodlawn Secondary School. Her design was selected out of ideas from over 150 students who were challenged to create a structure that was both aesthetically pleasing as well as architecturally durable and secure.

Gourd Palace was a collaboration between Arlington Public Art and Arlington Arts Center.