Dominion Dum

Dominion Dum by Art Attack
Project Details

Artist: Art Attack International
Materials: Mixed media
Location: 4749 Old Dominion Drive
Date: June-July 1994 

Art Attack International is a collaborative artists’ group, which at the time of this project included Alberto Gaitan, Evan Hughes, Lynn McCary, Peter Winant, Jitka Anlaufova, Alex Hynek, and Edward Owen.

Dominion Dům means “Dominion House” in Czech. Deconstruction of an early 20th century farmhouse was slated for demolition and Art Attack International was granted permission to use the building to expose the interior in unconventional ways.  The artists (including two artists from the Czech Republic) lowered the façade, put the floors on hinges, extended the stairs through the roof, and created a reflecting pool in which the front porch floated.

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Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Soros Foundation.