Dome Homes

Dome Home by Evan Reed

Artist: Evan Reed
Materials: Branches, logs, river rocks 
Location: Long Branch Nature Center, 625 S. Carlin Springs Road
Date: 2011

Arlington Arts Center received a National Endowment for the Arts Learning in the Arts for Children and Youth grant to support the Public Art Learning Project, a series of 12 site visits and hands-on visual arts workshops to help middle school students learn about, respond to, and create public art. Local artist Evan Reed worked with students from Kenmore and Gunston Middle Schools to study public art in Arlington and create a temporary artwork. Drawing upon their past site visits and studio practice, the students wanted to create artwork that encouraged investigation and function. Dome Homes invited the passerby to engage in solitude with what is physically in-between two types of pathways: human-made and natural. 

Student apprentices: Liana Ashby, Andrea Caluimontes, Charlie Hansen, Ariam Kidane, Cindy Lopez, Leslie Martinez, Henry Morales, Alice Naland, Lucy Naland, Vanessa Powers, Estefani Sanander, and Perla Telle

Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and Arlington County.