Ties that Bind

ties that bind.jpg

Lubber Run Community Center
300 N Park Dr, Arlington, VA 22203

Artwork Details

Artist:  Lorenzo Cardim with Angela Latson and Charlene Wallace
Material: Fabric, buttons
Date: 2019

This vibrant map of Arlington is a product of the fall 2019 Arlington Art Truck project Ties that Bind, designed by artist Lorenzo Cardim and fabricated by Cardim with the assistance of artists Charlene Wallace and Angela Latson. At eight different activations throughout the County, participants were taught how to sew colorful buttons onto pieces of fabric shaped like Arlington civic associations and neighborhoods. In late October, at Arlington Central Library’s Community Engagement Space, the artists sewed the individual civic associations together into a bedazzling map which represents the diversity of the community.

Arlington's Solid Waste Bureau was the community partner for the project, providing educational information about recycling and reducing waste. Participants learned that repairing your clothes is a great way to conserve resources.

The Arlington Art Truck is a curated mobile tool box for artists-in-residence to engage the public from April to October in interactive art projects designed to blur the line between participant and presenter, citizen and bureaucracy.

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