Aspects of Arlington

Aspects of Arlington by Joachin Araya

Arlington County Courthouse
1425 N. Courthouse Road, Arlington, VA 22201

Artwork Details

Artist: Joachin Araya
Material: acrylic on plywood panels  
Date: 1999

Under the guidance of artist Joachin Araya, court-involved youth created a mural representing positive aspects of Arlington. The method used to create this piece is called indirect painting and has been used for centuries. An under-painting is created in monochrome upon which transparent colored glazes of pigment are painted. These transparent layers can be built up in stages allowing for a great range of color and depth.

Youth apprentices included Fidel A. Chavez, Eddy Medrano Jr., David Peraza-Reyes, Luis A. Medrano, Dacsan Tapia, Chantha Kry, Edwin Ventura, and Claudia A. Lopez.