Sky Column

Photos by Douglas Hollis and David R. Moss


Long Bridge Aquatics and Fitness Center
333 Long Bridge Drive, Arlington, VA 22202

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Artwork Details

Artist: Douglas Hollis
Materials: Stainless steel, granite, terrazzo
Installed: 2021

Sky Column is an investigation of ephemeral monumentality. Tapered masts of stainless-steel tubing in the formation of a column project fifty feet high from the ground and appear to become one with the sky. The effect is that of a mirage, enhanced by the mirror-polished surface of the masts that reflect the surrounding landscape, respond to changing light, and quiver with the wind. At night, up-lights at the base of the artwork are programed to brighten and dim in response to real-time variations of the wind.

When seen from afar, Sky Column serves as a beacon, attracting people to the park while creating a gathering place for visitors to the adjacent aquatic center.  It can be viewed as a reminder of the fragility and interconnectedness of life, and our ability to nurture it when we work together as a community, especially in the face of challenges like a pandemic or climate change.

In 2011, Douglas Hollis's Wave Arbor was installed at Long Bridge Park.

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