Fire Lines

Fire Lines by David and Eli Hess; Photo by Eli Hess

Photo by Eli Hess


Arlington County Fire Station 10
1535 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA 22209

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Artwork Details

Artist: David and Eli Hess
Materials: stainless steel, LED lighting
Installed: 2021

Arlington County Fire Station 10 prides itself as an engine company with long-standing service to the surrounding community. Inspired by the history and function of the station, Fire Lines captures the power and energy of water being sprayed from a fire hose nozzle. The sculpture consists of a larger-than-life bronze nozzle with twisting spirals of stainless steel representing a powerful spray of water.  At night, the sculpture also acts as a monumental torch with light illuminating the stainless spirals against the rich red glow of the brick façade.

David and Eli Hess are a team of artists based outside of Baltimore, MD. David’s practice incorporates found objects, as well as new materials, in balance. He finds inspiration from discarded industrial objects like gears, hoppers, beams and grates that inform his design and fabrication of furniture, architectural elements, and public art.  With a background in architecture and planning, Eli joined David’s practice, bringing with him sensitivity to scale, lighting and the broader urban context.

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