Photos by Anice Hoachlander


Route 1 S. and S. Glebe Road continuing to 18th Street S. and Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA 22202

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Artwork Details

Artist: Barbara Bernstein
Materials: Ultraviolet ink on clear vinyl
Installed: 2016 

Virginia-based artist Barbara Bernstein created artwork incorporated into the windscreens of seven Potomac Yard/Crystal City Transitway stations. Connections  contribute comfort, sustained visual engagement, legibility and safety to the transit environment.  Each windscreen has an iteration of a simple line becoming an intricate, flowing interdependent pattern. The design provides a unifying concept for the seven stations overall, while distinguishing each station individually through color and creating distinct landmarks.


  • 3627 S. Glebe Road
  • 2995 Crystal Drive
  • 2603 Crystal Drive
  • 2151 Crystal Drive
  • 1789 Crystal Drive
  • 2220 S. Clark St.
  • 2560 S. Clark St.

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