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A Week of Sharing Wisdom

February 16-25, 2018

Inviting parents* to talk with other parents about parenting.

Parent Chat Format

Parent Chats should be easy, enjoyable and a positive experience for everyone. Feel free to use the format provided, adapt it, or create your own! Click through the links below, or download this 4-page packet that includes all of these sections together in one easy-to-print document

Welcome and Introductions

Welcome everyone, do a round of introductions and then share why you wanted to host this chat. Read about our reasons…or download a welcome & introduction script in a printable pdf.

Make Agreements

Agree on some basic rules for sharing and listening. Parenting is incredibly value-laden and conversations can be tricky. Therefore we recommend having some agreements on how to listen and share so everyone feels safe and comfortable. Read more…or download Chat Agreements in a printable pdf. .

Hold the Conversation

To start the conversation and keep it flowing, consider using these Rounds of Questions, select Topics of Interest, or a combination of those. Having some structure is helpful, but if your group prefers, you can simply allow conversation to flow naturally. You can also download a pdf version of the Rounds of Questions or Topics of Interest.

Wrap It Up

Before everyone leaves, share some commitments you’ll make together, record the moment (and share/post), decide if you’ll meet again, and let us know how it went!

Read more…or download a pdf of our Chat Wrap Up ideas.

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