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A Week of Sharing Wisdom

February 16-25, 2018

Inviting parents* to talk with other parents about parenting.


Parenting is incredibly value-laden and conversations can be tricky. So it is important to have some agreements on how to listen and share so everyone feels safe and comfortable.

Below are a few suggestions. Spend a few minutes brainstorming ideas, or use any of the ideas on this list. It has been our experience that when groups decide together on agreements, they honor them more. You can also download these Agreements as a printable pdf.

They are all our kids

All of the young people in our lives, and those in our children’s lives, belong to all of us and we want the best for them.

Seek to be open-minded

Listen attentively and respect all points of view. By focusing on listening, we may also benefit from the variety of ideas around the table.

Accept other views and perspectives

As parents we feel judged all the time about how we raise our children. So everyone in the group can feel safe, work to make this judgment-free zone

Be curious

Seek to understand, rather than change minds. If someone expresses a point of view that seems different from yours, ask questions to understand better.

Speak from the heart

Share from your own experiences. Use “I” statements. The group will benefit by knowing what is important to you and why, not just your opinions.

Keep it short

Share honestly, but don’t go on and on. Honesty is important, but so is giving everyone a turn.

Leave therapy to the professionals

Parent Chats are designed to help parents share their experiences around everyday parenting. If an individual or family is struggling with deeper issues, those should be addressed under supervision of a professional therapist.

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