Early Childhood Committee

Focuses on 0-5 year olds, connecting to parents and messaging the importance of early childhood development. Also works in support of the Child Care Initiative.

Meets as needed, typically fourth Mondays at 6:00 p.m. at Sequoia.

Early Childhood Committee

About Early Childhood Committee

Statement about what we have been doing in this area.

What are our guiding principles in this area?



Data Informed

Reaching the wide community


How APCYF members learn about Early Childhood

Site the Community Report data.


This is how we share what we’ve learned:

we engage, outreach, back and forth collecting additional info – how we disseminate (Community Engagement Process) and helps us inform our Advocacy Plan

Advocate(Action): SB, CB and potentially State

What have we done in the area of advocacy in this priority area