Tree Maintenance Request

Schedule tree maintenance requests for trees on County property or County Right-of-Way using our Report-a-Problem tool.

Arlington County does not maintain trees on Virginia Department of Transportation Rights-of-way, or on National Park Service roads. You can find these roads here: Arlington roads belonging to State/Federal Government

Trees that have fallen on private property are the responsibility of the property owner, regardless of where they came from. Arlington County does not perform work on private property.

If utility lines are involved, Dominion Energy helps to make trees safe from electrical hazard. Contact Dominion Energy at 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357) if utility lines are involved, before contacting Arlington County. 

Learn what tree maintenance the County has scheduled. If you see a project already on the map, there is no need to request it!

Arlington County can maintain trees on County property and County Right-of-Way, for the following issues:

  1. High risk trees
  2. High risk limbs over 4 inches in diameter
  3. Structural issues, such as overextended branches, branch inclusions, and bark inclusion
  4. Downed trees and tree parts outside of natural areas
  5. Sign and vision clearance for traffic 
  6. Building clearance (up to 5 ft).

We do not typically remove or prune trees for:

  1. Aesthetic reasons
  2. Leaf litter or fruit reduction
  3. Sunlight access or vision clearance for private use