Fallen Trees and Downed Power Lines


Fallen Trees

  • For all emergencies, call 911. This includes downed power lines, fallen trees that are blocking major streets and safety issues that need immediate attention.
  • For all trees that have fallen or are actively uprooting, and do not have utility lines involved, on Arlington County roads or property, please use our Report-a-Problem tool. To avoid submitting duplicate requests, please check our Tree Maintenance Map.
  • For trees that have fallen on private property, regardless of where it came from contact the property's insurance company and/or work with a private tree care company to remove the tree. Arlington County does not perform work on private property.
  • For power lines that are threatened by trees or branches, call Dominion Energy at 1-866-366-4357.Trees on power lines are by state law the domain of the utility company. As soon as power lines are removed from trees or made safe, Arlington County or the owner of the tree can remove the tree.
  • For hazardous trees or branches over state roads, use the Virginia Department of Transportation's My VDOT app, at MyVDOT. To find out which roads are managed by the state, please see State Roads
  • For disposal of limbs and brush when there is no threat to safety, schedule a curbside pickup at the following link: Brush pickup

Downed Power Lines

  • Stay clear of downed power lines and downed trees in their vicinity, even if you believe that the lines are dead or have been de-energized by the power company.
  • Lines can become re-energized as circuits are restored or come into contact with live lines.
  • Power company assessment crews often visit sites before repair crews are dispatched.
  • Don’t assume that lines have been de-energized just because a power company crew has visited the site.

Arlington's Tree Maintenance Map

Learn what tree maintenance the County has scheduled. If you see a removal or pruning already scheduled, do not report it again. It will delay the work.

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