Tree Planting Programs

Trees ready to be planted
Planting a Tree on Public Property

Do you know a barren spot of public land that could use a tree or two? Let us know where trees are needed.

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Private Property Tree Planting Programs

Arlington County is striving to increase our tree canopy by facilitating the planting of trees on private property through two programs: the Tree Distribution program and the Tree Canopy Fund. The Annual Fall Free Tree Distribution allows residents one free tree per residential property. The Tree Canopy Fund provides for planting trees to restore and increase Arlington’s tree cover, giving grants to community groups to plant and maintain trees on private property.

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Tree Distribution Program

Arlington County provides a variety of native tree species (free) for residents each year.

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Tree canopy
Grants for Trees through Tree Canopy Fund

The Tree Canopy Fund gives grants to community groups to plant and maintain trees on private property.

Learn more about the Tree Canopy Fund.


Small Trees make big canopies

Small Trees Make Big Canopies is a Master Gardener program, initiated in the spring of 2020, to help expand the tree canopy in Arlington.  The program seeks to give away hundreds of small (in size, as in saplings) native trees to help restore the region’s tree canopy.  The program also seeks to educate the public about our native trees, how to plant and care for them, and how the trees benefit us, our neighbors, and the wider environment.  Each tree in the giveaway has its own information card (available in English and Spanish) that covers tree siting and planting, tree care, growth pattern and expected size when fully mature.

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