Make Your Notable Tree Nomination Today

The 2023 ceremony was held as part of the recessed Arlington County Board meeting on Wed., July 19 when Notable Trees for 2023(PDF, 9MB) were recognized.

Species: Pecan Owner: Elizabeth Baker Address: 2917 23rd St N.  

Since 1987, Arlington has identified and registered its most notable trees, as well as the residents who care for them.

2023 award winners(PDF, 9MB)

What Makes a Tree Notable?

  • Size (within 10% of largest current notable tree, or, if the species is not on the list, greater than 30 inches for large canopy trees, and greater than 10 inches for small canopy trees)
  • Neighborhood value
  • Unique species 

What Does Notable Designation Mean?

  • Potential plaque recognition
  • Placement on County’s register of Notable Trees
  • Potential inclusion in neighborhood walking tours
  • Authority remains with private land/tree owner

Nominate a Tree

Notable Tree nominations are due October 31 of each year, to be recognized in the following year.

All notable, champion, and other special trees can be found on the map here:

Special trees


  • Nominators other than the tree’s owner should contact the owner for consent before submitting an application.
  • Species cannot be on the invasive species list
  • Owners may request that their names and addresses not appear on the public listing.
  • Volunteers and/or County staff will measure and evaluate the tree’s health and condition before making a recommendation to the Forestry and Natural Resources Commission, which makes the final decision, with unanimous consent.

Questions? email, or call 703-228-1863