Home Improvement Cleanup

Before starting a home improvement project, plan where you or your contractor will clean up. Always rinse dirty paint brushes or wash water *indoors* in a utility sink. Dry materials can be disposed of in the trash. Paint, grout, mortar, wash water or any other material should never be washed into the street or storm drain.

  • Wash water from paint brushes or other home projects should go into the sink. This water will be cleaned and treated. 
  • Never wash off home improvement supplies on your driveway or dump wash water into the street. If it runs into the street, it will enter a storm drain, and go to the nearest stream or park. The dirt, grime, and soap will harm fish and other wildlife.
  • If oil or another harmful liquid falls onto an outdoor hard surface, use kitty litter, sand, or paper towels to absorb it, then sweep it up and dispose in the trash.

Arlington County Code 26-7 states: “It shall be unlawful for any person to discharge directly or indirectly into the storm sewer system or state waters, any substance likely, in the opinion of the County Manager, to have an adverse effect on the storm sewer system or state waters.”

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