Arlington Golf Courses: Strategies for Protecting Water Quality


Arlington has two golf courses, the Washington Golf and Country Club in the Donaldson Run and Gulf Branch watersheds and the Army Navy Country Club in the Lower Long Branch – Four Mile Run watershed. 

Local golf courses are taking steps to help benefit the environment, including: 

  • Nutrient management plans that minimize how much nitrogen and phosphorus is applied as fertilizer, including applying in micro-doses or “spoon-feeding” and using sprays, not granules, 
  • Pest management plans to minimize herbicide and pesticide use, 
  • Careful management of turf to avoid bare spots or erosion, 
  • Careful monitoring of weather conditions to avoid over-watering and to prevent fertilizer or pesticide carried off the land as runoff, 
  • Management of the rough to provide wildlife habitat by planting native plants and controlling non-native invasive plants, 
  • Management of on-site streams and other water resources to protect water quality downstream. 

Arlington homeowners can take many of these steps too! Learn more: