Rain Gardens for Homeowners Workshop

February 2024 Rain Garden Workshop

Rain gardens are bowl-shaped, planted areas that capture and absorb stormwater runoff. Learn about rain garden inflow, ponding areas, outflow, and planting guidelines. Get expert tips on how to design, build, plant and maintain a rain garden on your property.

  • Function and Benefits of Rain Gardens
    Rebecca Murphy, Northern Virginia Regional Commission
    Presentation | Recording

  • Designing and Building a Rain Garden
    Dan Schwartz, Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District
    Presentation | Recording Part 1 | Recording Part 2

  • Planting and Maintaining Your Rain Garden 
    Lily Whitesell, Arlington County Office of Sustainability and Environmental Management
    Presentation | Recording


Rain Garden at The Arlington

2021 Rain Garden Workshop Presentation and Recording: See the presentations and recording from a previous rain garden workshop.