Rain Gardens for Homeowners Workshop

February 10, 2024 Rain Garden Workshop

Rain gardens are bowl-shaped, planted areas that capture and absorb stormwater runoff. Learn about rain garden inflow, ponding areas, outflow, and planting guidelines. Get expert tips on how to design, build, plant and maintain a rain garden on your property.  


View the 2021 Rain Garden Workshop Webinar

Can't make the workshop? Check out the slides and recording from the 2021 online Rain Garden Workshop webinar:

Function and Benefits of Rain Garden
Corey Miles, Senior Environmental Planner, Northern Virginia Regional Commission

Designing and Building a Rain Garden(PDF, 4MB)
Maria Harwood, Conservation Planner, Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District

Planting and Maintaining Your Rain Garden 
Aileen Winquist, Stormwater Communications Manager, Arlington County Department of Environmental Services


Rain Garden at The Arlington