Dry Wells

Infiltration trench

Dry wells are gravel-filled areas in your yard that store rainwater underground, allowing for more storage and infiltration of runoff than the original soil allowed. Because they’re underground with a sod layer on top, they don’t interfere with the use of your yard.

Benefits of a Dry Well

  • A reduction in stormwater runoff from your property. This also reduces the amount of sediment and other pollutants that would be washed away with the runoff into nearby storm drains and local streams.
  • Groundwater recharge. The slow release of the water allows it to soak into the ground, which supplies water to local streams in between storms.


To create a dry well, the existing soil is removed from an area of your yard and an underground, perforated pipe or container surrounded by gravel is installed.


When serving a single-family home, dry wells typically need little special maintenance, particularly if the well is covered by the lawn or located beneath a patio. It’s a good idea to check after a major storm to make sure the drains are functioning.