Highlands Urban Garden

The Highlands Urban Garden (HUG) is a temporary demonstration garden located at 1600 South Hayes Street, which will be managed by the Arlington Friends of Urban Agriculture in partnership with Livability 22202 and Arlington County. The garden demonstrates the benefits of implementing community-driven urban agriculture features throughout National Landing.  It showcases modular, low-impact design principles, sustainable water management practices, and incorporates smart technology to collect agriculture metrics (daily solar exposure, temperature, moisture and soil health).

Maintained by volunteers, the Highlands Urban Garden will revitalize land adjacent to the Virginia Highlands Park tennis court practice wall. The garden showcases how edge spaces can be transformed into all-season, productive land that builds a vibrant ecosystem.

The site’s design incorporates modular features that do not require permanent installation. No below grade digging or disturbance of the grounds will take place. Work on the garden began in October 2020. 

Highlands Urban Garden in Virginia Highlands Park(JPEG, 329KB)  Highlands Urban Garden Concept Design(JPEG, 147KB)

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