Community Gardens

How They Work

The county currently has seven gardens. These gardens are run on a daily basis by the individual associations with their own set of bylaws — although County rules and regulations must be observed. Each association has a chief gardener who serves as the point of contact with the County. Learn more about Arlington's community gardens and how to applyYou can also start your own community garden.


  • The annual rental County fee is $60 for full plots with water and $50 for plots without water; $30 and $25 respectively for half plots. This is the usage fee for the public space you are gardening.
  • Each garden association assesses additional fees to cover such things as water and mulch; and possibly a first-time gardener fee also applies. Applicants are informed of these fees at the time a plot assignment is made.
  • Don’t send money with your application, you will be notified of any fees when a plot is assigned to you.

A community garden
A community garden.

Wait List

High demand means waiting lists for most gardens. Accordingly, half plots are often assigned to new gardeners. If your name is on a waiting list, you don’t have to reapply each year and you will be contacted as soon as a plot becomes available for you. The limit is one plot per household.


Seven gardens currently support over 300 individual plots.

  • South Four Mile Run Drive along the bike trail
  • Ninth Street South and South Buchanan Street along the bike trail
  • Fort Barnard at South Walter Reed Drive and South Pollard Street
  • South Glebe Road and South Lang Street
  • North Barton Street and 10th Street North
  • Ninth Street South and South Rolfe Street
  • 1601 Key Blvd.
  • View Arlington Community Gardens on a map

Learn about Arlington’s Accessible Gardening for All Abilities.

How to Apply

Review the community garden rules then complete the online application:

Online Application

You will be added to the wait lists. You’ll be contacted only when a plot becomes available in a community garden in which you express interest. These popular gardens have long waiting lists. You don’t need to reapply each year. However, should your contact information change, remember to let this office know.

For more information, call the Program Coordinator at 703-228-7872.


Plot Assignments

  • Plot assignments are made on a first come first served basis. Full plots are approximately 20 feet by 20 feet, but variable from one garden to the next. To help accommodate the long wait lists, half plots are being offered to new gardeners. This is plenty of space for most urban gardeners. The fee is adjusted accordingly.
  • Plots are assigned to new applicants after all renewals have been received from current gardeners in good standing. You must renew by paying dues no later than March 15, so gardens may be assigned in a timely fashion. Gardens needs to be cleared and gardening started no later than May 15.
  • Applicants will be contacted in spring by phone or email to discuss a plot assignment and the garden club fees and rules.

Residents socializing at a community garden function
Residents socializing at a community garden function.