Wildlife Photos

Over 240 species of vertebrates, and thousands of species of invertebrates call Arlington home.

How many of these common ones have you seen?

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Gulf Branch
Nature Centers

Our Nature Centers offer visitors of all ages a chance to learn more about Arlington’s wildlife.

View live animal exhibits, chat with a naturalist, or attend an in-person or virtual program.

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Wildlife of Arlington
Wildlife of Arlington

Arlington inventoried four vertebrate groups (amphibians, birds, reptiles and mammals) as well as butterfly and dragonfly populations, and documented their locations.

The report also suggests strategies for their conservation, restoration, and management.

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Learn about deer in Arlington.

Birds of Arlington Checklist

Almost 200 species of birds can be seen in Arlington.  Learn where and when to look for them and how commonly or rarely they can be seen.  Start checking them off today!

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