Home Energy Audit 101

Energy Audit

What is a “Home Energy Audit”? Why Would I Have One Done on My Home?

An energy audit is the best way to discover energy improvements that will reduce your energy bill and make your home more comfortable.  This includes things like identifying holes in your home that allow air to leak in, places where you need more insulation, and improvements to your heating and cooling systems.

Read more and view a video on Home Energy Audits from an Arlington resident and realtor.

How Do I Find an Energy Auditor?

You can use these links to search for a BPI or RESNET certified professional energy auditor.

What Does a Home Energy Audit Entail?

The energy auditor you select will walk through your home with you. A full professional audit will test your home and your ducts for leaks that you probably don’t even know existed.

After your home walk through, you should receive a report with a prioritized list of improvements that could reduce your energy bill and/or make your home safer or more comfortable.

Other Questions?

Feel free to reach out to the Rethink Energy Team’s home energy experts at energy@arlingtonva.us.