Green Home Choice Kitchen and Bath Certification Process

The Green Home Choice Kitchen and Bath Program makes it easier for homeowners, architects, and builders to carry out a green home renovation by providing support and a point-based scoring system. Certification process steps are outlined below. At any point in the process, if you have questions or suggestions for the program, please contact the program manager at 703-228-4792 or at We look forward to working with you!

Step 1.Step 1) Review the Green Home Choice (GHC) Program Materials

Download and review the Guidance Document and Scoresheet. This guidance document is a guide to many of the items in the scoresheet. The Scoresheet is a listing of all of the available credits that can be earned within the GHC Kitchen and Bath certification process.

Step 2.Step 2) Contact and meet with the GHC Program Manager early in the project design process

Call 703-228-4792 or email early in the design phase to discuss your project goals and review the program with the Program Manager. If the project appears to meet the goals of the Kitchen and Bath certification program, the Program Manager will schedule a time to meet with you in your home to look at the space and discuss ideas with you about making your project more sustainable.

Step 3.Step 3) Work with the GHC Program Manager on a draft scoresheet

The GHC Program Manager will create a draft scoresheet for your project with detailed suggestions of improvements that you can consider. Please review this draft and provide comments to the Program Manager such that we can create a final draft for your project. If you cannot do all of the items on the scoresheet, in the end, that is fine. The final point total will be based on whatever suggested items you are able to achieve.

Step 4.Step 4) Request and complete the necessary site visits with the Program Manager

Once construction is underway, your green home project will be visited by the GHC Program Manager twice during the construction process: when demolition has been completed and either just before the walls are closed up or when the project is completed. The timing of the visits will depend on the type of work that is being performed.  During the first visit when demolition has been completed, the Program Manager will speak to your contractor about what you are trying to achieve with the items identified on your scoresheet. The Program Manager may return to check any insulation or air sealing work that has been done just prior to drywall installation or after the project is completed. This process will be determined on the basis of each specific project and what type of work is involved.

Step 5.Step 5) Complete the certification process with the Program Manager and receive your certificate.

As noted above, the GHC Program Manager will do a final review of the project in person or through photos and product or in person, depending on the project, and your certification will be completed!