Green Home Choice Kitchen and Bath

Green Home Choice Kitchen and Bath

Green Home Choice supports homeowners, builders, and designers in the creation of homes that are better for you and the planet.

The Green Home Choice Kitchen and Bath program is currently paused as we reevaluate the program to best meet the needs of County residents and align with the goals in the Climate Energy Plan. This webpage will be updated accordingly as we reimagine the program and implement changes. Our goal remains to support Arlington homeowners who would like to improve energy efficiency, maintain comfort, and reduce the environmental footprint of their home. If you have any questions, please contact us at


Do I Qualify for Participation?

You are eligible for this version of the Green Home Choice program if you are renovating a kitchen or bathroom in Arlington County.

Note: Certification eligibility is determined by the Green Home Choice Program Manager on a case-by-case basis after meeting with the homeowners.

How to Get Started

This five-step process will guide you through the path to your more comfortable, sustainable and resource-efficient home.