Green Building Program – Implementation Process

Arlington County, Virginia’s Green Building Program will be implemented as follows for new projects:

  1. A LEED Accredited Professional will be included on the site plan project team.
  2. At the time of 4.1 site plan submission, the developer will submit the appropriate LEED scorecard and a summary of the energy model and proposed energy savings, along with the site plan application. The LEED Scorecard will be accompanied by an explanation of how and/or why each credit can or cannot be achieved. The scorecard will identify which credits the developer intends to pursue and the number of points needed to support the developer’s request for bonus density and/or height.
  3. The building registration and other required information will be filed with USGBC at the beginning of the project for LEED certification and rating.
  4. The proposed site plan (including the requested bonus density and/or height) will undergo the typical community review process. If the County Manager supports the project, it will include appropriate site plan condition language requiring that the green building components identified in the scorecard be constructed or installed in the building.
  5. Once the site plan is approved, permit drawings will be reviewed to ensure inclusion of the approved green building components as identified in the scorecard.
  6. During design and construction, the LEED Accredited Professional will submit regular reports and supporting documentation to the County ensuring compliance with the LEED standards and the approved site plan.  Each report will be updated to reflect any changes in the credits included in the project and will include an explanation of those changes.
  7. Permits will not be issued unless approved LEED components are included in the plan drawings and supporting documentation as requested by staff is submitted.
  8. The application for LEED certification and rating will be submitted to USGBC for design credit review and construction credit review at the appropriate time during design and/or construction.  Prior to issuance of the Shell and Core certificate of occupancy the project will have at least completed the LEED design phase review, and achieved the number of energy points stipulated in the site plan condition.
  9. If during construction, the developer is unable to include required green building components, or if it is found that the developer failed to include these components, then the County will pursue enforcement.  Site visits will be accommodated as requested by staff.
  10. The program will be reviewed and updated as appropriate.

Download a PDF of this document here.