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Did You Know?

Private Online Mapping Data Might Be Outdated

When using online mapping services like Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, or Mapquest, the latest street data may not be displayed. Be careful not to mistake the copyright date for the date of currency. If doubts still persist, check our interactive mapping site which displays Arlington’s most recent street data.

Open Data

The GIS Mapping Center produces a number of products that the public may download to facilitate their own GIS or mapping needs. All products are copyrighted and may not be redistributed, resold or copied (except for backup or internal use)Data cannot be resold or provided as a service that is sold to others. These products are provided for reference purposes only. The data used is not of survey quality and should not be used for design or construction.

Current GIS Data

GIS data is available for download for free

The data may not be redistributed, resold, or copied (except for backup or internal use). Refer to the legal disclaimer and copyright notice before downloading any data.

Latest Orthophotography

The latest Orthophotography was purchased from the state GIS agency, downloads can be found on their site.