Response and Recovery

Arlington is working to keep residents stably housed, through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.  In addition to meeting critical emergency needs, the County is working on response and recovery efforts to ensure that it continues to work toward the Affordable Housing Master Plan goals to meet the housing needs of its residents.   

Housing Stability

The County is using multiple strategies for eviction and foreclosure prevention to support housing stability for households living in Arlington now:

Housing Supply

During a crisis, stabilizing and preserving housing affordability may not seem to be a priority recovery strategy. Yet this is the most important time to be intentional about stabilizing the lives and homes of people in crisis today and preserving housing affordability for the future. 

  • Supporting our multifamily pipeline – Committed Affordable Units (CAFs) – Affordable rental housing is available at numerous apartment complexes in Arlington. Most of the complexes were built, acquired or renovated with public funds as part of their financing, and therefore are required to set aside a certain number of affordable units.  
  • Supporting our homeownership options – Several programs support homeownership opportunities for low- and moderate-income Arlingtonians.   
  • Looking for new solutions through Housing Arlington – In 2019, the County Board launched Housing Arlington to develop new tools and strategies for housing affordability.   

How to help