Consolidated Plan

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Consolidated Plan for Fiscal Year 2022-2026

Arlington County’s 5-Year Consolidated Plan is required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and provides the strategic framework for housing, homelessness, community development, and economic development activities supported by HUD funds over the next 5-year period. This 5-year Consolidated Plan captures data on demographics and identifies long-term objectives on the use of federal and local funds. The FY 2022 Annual Action Plan describes how federal grant funds will be used.

Annual Action Plan

Each year, an Annual Action Plan is developed with citizen participation to address federal grant allocations, objectives, activities and performance measures for the goals identified in the five-year Consolidated Plan. 

    Draft Annual Action Plan for Fiscal Year 2025

    A draft of Arlington County’s Annual Action Plan of the Consolidated Plan is available for review. Citizen Participation is key to the development of the Action Plan. Residents are invited to provide comments at the following meeting: Community Development Citizens Advisory Committee meeting on March 6, 2024 at 6:30pm. Location: Hybrid - Room 311.

    Annual Action Plan for Fiscal Year 2024

    Annual Action Plan for Fiscal Year 2023

    Annual Action Plan for Fiscal Year 2022 (see FY 2022-2026 Consolidated Plan)

    Annual Action Plan for Fiscal Year 2021

    Annual Action Plan for Fiscal Year 2020

    Annual Action Plan for Fiscal Year 2019

    Annual Action Plan for Fiscal Year 2018

    Annual Action Plan for Fiscal Year 2017

    Annual Action Plan for Fiscal Year 2015

    Annual Action Plan for Fiscal Year 2014

    Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER)

    The CAPER is an evaluation and performance report required at the end of each fiscal year. The report details Arlington’s accomplishments toward meeting the goals outlined in the Consolidated Plan and compares actual performance with the performance measures listed in the Action Plan.

    CAPER for Fiscal Year 2023

    CAPER for Fiscal Year 2022

    CAPER for Fiscal Year 2020

    CAPER for Fiscal Year 2019

    CAPER for Fiscal Year 2018

    CAPER for Fiscal Year 2017

    CAPER for Fiscal Year 2016

    CAPER for Fiscal Year 2015

    CAPER for Fiscal Year 2014

    CAPER for Fiscal Year 2013

    CAPER for Fiscal Year 2012

    Consolidated Plan for Fiscal Years 2016-2020

    Consolidated Plan for Fiscal Years 2011-2015

    Download the Consolidated Plan with all attachments.

    HOME Investment Partnership (HOME) American Rescue Plan (ARP) Funding

    Arlington County received $2,628,564 in HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding in FY 2022. In order to utilize this funding, HOME participating jurisdictions (PJs) are required to submit an Allocation Plan that includes a needs assessment and gap analysis to assess unmet needs of qualifying populations and provides a description of how the PJ will distribute HOME ARP funds in accordance with priority needs.

    Through consultation with several County departments as well as a community listening session with over 40 community nonprofits, the County has developed a HOME-ARP Allocation Plan which includes a needs analysis as well as recommended eligible activities for the use of these funds.

    Review Arlington's HOME-ARP Allocation Plan(PDF, 413KB).

    Questions? Please contact Caitlin Jones at


    HUD Pathways to Removing Obstacles to Housing (PRO Housing) Grant Application

    Arlington, in partnership with Jair Lynch, applied to receive up to $10M in funding to advance a centrally located renovation phase at Barcroft Apartments. The funding proposal includes rehabilitation of 100 apartment homes (with an average of up to 60% AMI rents and a minimum of 10% of the units set aside for those earning up to 30% AMI), construction of a resident amenity center, and improvements to two primary streets.

    Applications were due to HUD on November 6, 2023. Click here to review Arlington's HUD PRO Housing application for Barcroft.(PDF, 4MB)