Housing Arlington

Housing Arlington Initiatives Updated 10.22.png

In March 2019, the County Board launched Housing Arlington, which aims to build on existing efforts and generate new innovative solutions for a full spectrum of housing affordability.

The result will be an inclusive place where households from all walks of life and who earn different incomes can be at home. This includes growing families, young adults who are just starting their careers, and older adults who want to age in place. Teachers, police officers, and firefighters. Moderate-income residents seeking a path to home ownership, lower-income residents who may need additional assistance, and more.

Housing Arlington is an umbrella program that takes a cross-disciplinary, proactive approach to reach an equitable, stable, adaptive community. The umbrella includes planning and implementation tools, housing policy, financial resources, and innovative local and regional public-private partnerships. Over a multi-year period, new and ongoing efforts will reach beyond traditional policies and programs to generate holistic housing solutions.