MMHS: Community Partner Toolkit

The information in this toolkit is intended to help Community Partners convey clear and accurate information about the Missing Middle Housing Study with a common goal of facilitating broader participation across the entire Arlington community.

As a dynamic toolkit, the easy-to-use print and digital resources will continue to be expanded and updated as the study progresses and new engagement opportunities arise. Under the Take Action heading, find current priorities that all Community Partners are encouraged to complete. The What to Know section includes study overview, study presentation(s) to share, presentation notes, answers to common questions, and other key facts. After a meeting or conversation, it’s important to Report Back. What are you hearing? Who are you reaching? This will allow the study team to hear all perspectives, assess whose voice may be missing, and conduct additional outreach where needed. A report back form can be printed and handwritten, emailed, or completed digitally. Other Materials & Resources includes deeper-dive content, links to study documents, and additional resources that may support background knowledge of the study.

Take Action

Current priorities:

  • Promote awareness of the study
  • Contact individuals and groups to let them know you’re interested in talking about the Missing Middle Housing Study 
    • Direct contacts to the study website for more information
    • Encourage them to subscribe to study updates
    • Share information about the study - see resources below to assist with outreach engagements

What to Know

Report Back

Report back using a neutral perspective. We’d like to hear all opinions about a particular issue or topic.

Other Materials & Resources 

 This toolkit will continue to be expanded as the study progresses. Do you have an idea or request for new toolkit materials? Let us know.

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Community Partner Meeting Documents

MMHS Community Partner Organizational Meeting
October 13, 2020