Proposed AHCVP FY 2024 Annual Plan and Public Comment Submission

Information on AHCVP Annual Plans

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the federal agency that regulates the Arlington Housing Choice Voucher Program (AHCVP), mandates that we publish and implement an annual plan every fiscal year. These annual plans directly guide the AHCVP in implementing its 5-Year Strategic Plan, respond to evolving issues, and ensure compliance with various state, local and federal regulations.

Accessing the Proposed FY 2024 Annual Plan

The Proposed AHCVP FY 2024 Annual Plan can be accessed below on this page, or in-person at the Arlington County Department of Human Services, 2100 Washington BLVD, Arlington, VA 22204.

Proposed AHCVP FY 2024 Annual Plan PDF(PDF, 740KB)

Alternative formats of this information will be made available upon request to ensure reasonable accommodation, access for hearing, visual, and other communication-related disabilities, and language access or other requirements in accordance with Section 504 regulations, and Titles II or III of the American with Disabilities (ADA) and implementing regulations and limited English Proficiency.

Public Comments

Members of the public are welcome to submit comments on the Proposed AHCVP FY 2024 Annual Plan through the following form:

Public comments can offer additions, revisions, support or critique of the Plan and its contents.