Borrower Relief

Arlington County seeks to provide resources for homeowners during this time. Loan payment forgiveness and limited waiver agreements are available to borrowers.

Loan Payment Forgiveness for Single-family Borrowers

The County Board approved temporary loan payment forgiveness for Moderate-Income Purchase Assistance Program (MIPAP) and Home Improvement Program (HIP) single-family borrowers in order to provide relief during COVID-19 to certain County homeowners with these loans.  The loan payment forgiveness is in effect from May 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020 with payments resuming on January 1, 2021.

The County currently has 109 MIPAP and HIP loans with required monthly payments (the remainder of the County’s loan portfolio is comprised of deferred, shared appreciation loans).  Loan repayment forgiveness includes the total monthly payment (principal and interest) and no late fees, additional interest or prepayment premiums are charged on amounts forgiven.  However, payment forgiveness would apply to County MIPAP and HIP loans only; borrowers would still need to fulfill payment obligations of any other loans on the property.

Limited Waiver Agreements (for Loan Payments) to support COVID-related emergency needs at properties with Committed Affordable units (CAFs)

In an effort to address rent and vacancy losses and support emergency needs at properties with Committed Affordable Units (CAFs), certain payments due on County affordable housing loans were waived through December 31, 2020. Participating borrowers (listed below) may not charge late-payment fees nor evict tenants from their properties for COVID-related non-payment of rent through December 31, 2020, which will prevent low-to-moderate income tenants, who have lost income due to the COVID-19 pandemic, from losing their homes.  The program waived approximately $2.3 million in County loan payments through December 31, 2020, which could support rent payments for approximately 1,600 households facing hardship and/or other emergency needs at these properties. Participating loans continue to accrue interest and would still comply with all requirements of their agreements including repayment.

Participating borrowers include:  Arbor Heights, Buchanan Gardens, Calvert Manor, Cameron Commons, Columbia Grove, Columbia Hills East, Courthouse Crossings, Gates of Ballston, Fisher House I, Fort Henry Gardens, The Jordan, Leckey Gardens, Marbella, The Shell, The Shelton, Spectrum, The Springs, vPoint, and William Watters.