Doorways - 24 Hour Hotline

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Name of Organization Doorways - 24 Hour Hotline
Age Range All Ages
Services Offered Crisis and Emergency Services
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Phone Number 703-237-0881
Fee for Service? No

24/7 crisis hotline, hospital and court accompaniment, legal system support and short-term counseling is provided for free to victims and survivors of sexual assault, dating/domestic and intimate partner violence by community and systems-based advocates.Free and confidential crisis support, information and referrals are available 24hours a day, seven days a week throughDoorways Domestic & Sexual Violence Hotline at 703-237-0881.


Centrally located, Arlington County. Call for details.

Accessible by public transportation? Yes
Are services short or long term? (Please check all that apply.)
  • Short-term, 0-6 months
  • Short-term, 0-12 months
  • Long-term, 1 year+
Requirements for Service

For Children: Children must have experienced or witnessed domestic violence to receive services.

What languages are available for service delivery?

English, Spanish, Arabic, other languages with in-person, trauma informed interpreter

Interpretation available? Yes